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The First Look. A moment in which every couple must decide, “to follow tradition or not?”  On your wedding day, you will either see your fiance for the first time in their wedding attire in a moment alone or in a room full of people at either end of an aisle. You may have dreamed it […]

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Continuing on with our “Best of 2o17” theme, this week I’m sharing a few of my favorite getting ready shots. This time of the day is filled with excitement and anticipation. I’ve loved seeing a few Father First-Looks, as well as Bridesmaid First-Looks! But I’ve loved that most of my brides have had only their […]

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I’ve finally made a resolution to return to blogging! This has been years in the making and now with my new Showit website, I think I can manage it! Fingers crossed, I’ll stick to it – Hopefully, y’all will help me out with that – we all need a little accountability, right?! For those of you […]

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In honor of my return to blogging, and in order to get myself excited about it, I decided to share last year’s favorites. First in the “Best of 2017” series, detail photos! My friends and definitely my clients know that, for me, it’s ALL in the details. I LOVE me some details. These are the special pieces […]

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