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Best of 2017: Getting Ready

September 12, 2018

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Continuing on with our “Best of 2o17” theme, this week I’m sharing a few of my favorite getting ready shots. This time of the day is filled with excitement and anticipation. I’ve loved seeing a few Father First-Looks, as well as Bridesmaid First-Looks! But I’ve loved that most of my brides have had only their mom and mother-in-law, or their very closest friends help them with the preparation process. There’s nothing like being surrounded by the people who make you laugh, ease your nerves, and have your back (or… your bobby pins and fashion tape 😉 )! If all these pretty pictures weren’t enough, I’ve put a list of my favorite getting ready locations in Chicago below:

As we mentioned in the details post, good light is KEY! So, a clutter-free room with big windows is definitely what all photographers pray for the morning of the wedding. Bonus points if the decor is chic! I love getting ready in the couple’s home, but who wants to clean their house the week of the wedding? Pretty sure the answer to that one is, no one! So if cleaning isn’t your thing, or if it is and time isn’t as abundant as you thought (trust me, it gets away from you), I totally recommend splurging a little. After all, it IS your wedding day (and night 😉 )… Grab a room at a hotel you love your you’ve been dreaming of staycationing in and ask them for something spacious with a view; OR, find a cute Airbnb that fits your taste!

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of just some of my favorite getting ready spots in Chicago :

The Robey

Kinzie Hotel

The Langham


Glen Rowan House

Deerpath Inn

Firehouse Chicago

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