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Best Of 2017: Details

August 9, 2018

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In honor of my return to blogging, and in order to get myself excited about it, I decided to share last year’s favorites. First in the “Best of 2017” series, detail photos!

My friends and definitely my clients know that, for me, it’s ALL in the details. I LOVE me some details. These are the special pieces my couples have been compiling throughout the planning process – all of the things that make your day unique to you! I take great pleasure in highlighting your “something old, new, borrowed and blue” because, not only did you search high and low for that perfect accessory and I want you to have lasting evidence of it, but these photos also make great accents to your album pages, showing off your fabulous style. My couples have the best taste, let me tell ya! 😉  You’ll see as you scroll on. I’ve also provided a simple guide below so you know where and what to have pulled together.

To create lovely detail photos you’ll want to have a tidy space with pretty light.  To be honest, a spacious, uncluttered room with large windows will lend beauty to most photos, but it makes getting ready photos extra wonderful.

Here’s a little list I send to my couples as a guide. You don’t need to have all the things, but maybe this will be a helpful reminder of what you do have and want to be photographed.

For the ladies, I like to have the following items pulled together:

  • The rings
  • A copy of your invitation suite
  • The dress on a plain wooden hanger. Or, if you’re all about personalization, a more ornate hanger. The Etsy/BHLDN hangers are not a requirement so, no worries if that’s not you. Also, it helps to have the dress out of its packaging so that any wrinkles have time to loosen. I also suggest picking up a JOY steamer (here) for smoothing those last-minute wrinkles.
  • All of your special details: something old, new, borrowed, blue (and a six-pence in your shoe?), jewelry, hair accessories, handbag, shoes, any gifts, etc.
  • Bouquet(s)


In the gentlemen’s getting-ready space, I usually style the following:

  • Suit Jacket on a plain wooden hanger
  • Watch, cuff links, tie, pocket square, shoes, any gifts, etc.


My approach to photographing details is usually to gather everything as soon as I arrive and work on these photos throughout the time allotted, snapping candids as I see them going on around me. In the styling of the shots, I use what’s available so, these lists can be expanded on, or simplified, all to your taste. Some brides may want to take it to another level and add a special ring box or ribbons, foliage, etc, to style the photos. Others, are more interested in simple documentary photos of the items and prefer that I focus mainly on what’s happening with them and their attendants, instead. We’ll discuss all of this in our final meeting and tailor the whole day to your preference – but no matter what you choose and with these tips,  pretty photos will definitely be the result 🙂
  1. Denise says:

    So pretty! I love details.

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  1. Denise says:

    So pretty! I love details.

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