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The Love Story Doesn’t End at, “I Do!” | Leo

August 8, 2021

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The love story doesn’t end at, “I Do!” I can’t emphasize enough, how much that statement is true. Your love story does not end on your wedding day; that’s simply where the next chapter begins!

When former wedding clients reach out for me to photograph their children, my heart soars. Seriously, it’s the absolute BEST feeling. To me, this means that my couples had such a great experience and loved their wedding photos so much that they want to continue our relationship and, truly, I want nothing more than to be with you celebrating every milestone along the way! Each session together creates a stronger bond and an even better experience for the next. So, when your kids run up to me yelling my full name, not an easy name mind you, it puts me on cloud nine and I know I’ve done my job well.

Anyway, on that note, a sweet wedding couple from a few years ago, Kristi & Pat, reached out with news of their family of 2 becoming a family of 3 and I was ecstatic. Of course, I was so happy for them, but also for the opportunity to capturing them as parents.

You see, their wedding day was planned perfectly. Everything played out so well that I was pretty much pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Their style is super cool and classy too, so it was gorgeous.  Plus, they are so in love, so they made my job extra easy, and every choice they made about their day was just totally true to them and their personalities. As soon as I knew they were going to be parents I was praying, subtly hinting 😉, and hoping they’d reach out for baby photos. True Story. Awesomely, I get, not one, but TWO milestone sessions to capture their wonderful family in their beautiful home! This first one while Leo was newborn-ish and another for his first Christmas, and, y’all, I am HERE. FOR. IT.

Enter Leo – 3 weeks old and a total lover. 😍

We spent the first part of the session listening to vinyl, dancing, and making Leo laugh.

I call that last one, “When you steal your dad’s dance partner…”

Baby yawns are just the best, aren’t they?! And this little guy found me rather tiring, so…🥱

His parents are just a smidge in love with him … Can you tell? 😉

The total realness of these next couple make them some of my favorites – Life isn’t always “cheese” faces, after all. Nap time for the little guy.

From engagement 💍 to wedding 🎊 to parenthood 👨‍👩‍👦 We always find time to celebrate with a little, “We did it!” cheers! 🍻  I’m sure Saturday afternoons around here look a little bit different now that the little guy “moved in” with them. #babymonitorandchill? 

Be sure you check back towards the end of the year for Leo’s First Christmas session! And if you love these, Reach out! Let’s get your own family session on the books!

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