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Ellie | A Sweet Spring Session

June 4, 2021

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Hey Y’all! I hope you all are having a wonderful day where ever you are and whatever you’ve been up to! I really hope you’re well.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Like a really long time haha. BUT whatever. I decided I’d just jump headfirst into what’s happening now vs constantly trying to catch up, so here goes! Blog #1 of 2021.

Living in Lombard, IL,  I’ve become very aware of “Lilac Time.” Lilacs are the flower of Lombard and “Lilac Time” is the weeks in May when the Lilacs bushes bloom. I guess Washington D.C. has it’s cherry blossoms, we have our lilacs. The timing coincides with the early spring blooms and Mother’s Day which is the best time to plant for our area. Every year around this time, I feel super inspired to take photos with all the spring blooms popping up and always hope I can have some shoots amongst the beauty of spring.

My niece, Ellie, is usually my first willing participant of the spring season and this year we did full session among the lilacs and tulips in Lilacia Park.

She had a lot of fun practicing her poses and being a liiittle SILLY.

This is the face she made when I asked her to be Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. 😂 Apparently Elsa is angry. 😂😂😂

Hope, Ellie’s mama, set up a picnic tea party complete with bonbons for Ellie to share with Christmas Doll and her bunnies.

Ellie shared, or tried to, but Christmas doll wasn’t hungry… LOL

Ellie loves telling stories, to anyone who will listen, but especially to her dolls and bunnies. She left her real bunnies at home, but these cute stuffies behaved well!

She ran off the sugar and almost lost her hat!

She twirled, of course, because what’s better than a good twirl skirt?!

Had a quiet moment with Grandma Betsy’s favorite flowers. Even gave them a hug.

Played peek-a-boo and posed like a princess.

She skipped, sang, giggled, and ran some more. Then practiced hopscotch and balance beam.

Obviously, we had no fun 😉. I kid, it was a blast, and we even got ice cream after. Also, can I say my beautiful sister needs to be in more photos?! Because she definitely does.

  1. Kristin says:

    Beautiful, creative, unique session! Captures the pure joy of childhood! In awe of your art 😀

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  1. Kristin says:

    Beautiful, creative, unique session! Captures the pure joy of childhood! In awe of your art 😀

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