Why I Document Life..

Why I Document Life..

Photos remind us of moments which we cannot recreate. Moments of excitement, joy, laughter, tears, pride and humility.. Those moments we hold so dearly in our memory will never happen in that same organic form again. Those moments have come and past. They will be replaced by newer moments and memories, as life goes on. It is my life mission, to capture the most important moments of your lifetime and preserve them so that they can be remembered for generations to come. No pressure, right? Well, actually, all of the pressure, but amazingly, it’s these moments that I love.

I'm an observer. I am fascinated by culture and it's differences around the world. My work focuses on details and a personal connection with my clients. I want to know and understand who you are so that my photos tell your story. I am given the wonderful privilege of seeing the personal lives of those I photograph, and that is not something I take for granted. I strive to become "one of the family" so that all of my clients are comfortable and the photo part... well, that just comes naturally.

My most favorite moments of a wedding day are those in which you can sense feelings of pride and pure joy. The moment when a mother fastens the last button on her daughter's dress, seeing her finally in all of her blushing bridal beauty.  The moment when a father realizes this is the last walk he will have with his little girl as just his little girl. That moment he realizes, that day, she will become a wife. The moment when a groom sees his bride walk down the aisle. The when a son takes his bride by the hand and becomes her husband. That moment a man and woman they made their love a promise of forever. That moment after the kiss when the newlyweds realize they took the leap! The moments you just know are right. The moments that make you peaceful and happy and just so excited that you want to scream. The moments that, just for a split second, make the world stop. Those are the moments that I am watching for. Those are the moments I am purposed to capture. These moments are why I am a photographer.

Of course, these moments extend throughout life, from newborn photos and first brithdays, sweet sixteens and senior proms, "Forty and Fabulous" parties and so on. The history of you and your family is beautiful and it should be remembered.

If these are even just a few of the moments you would like preserved on your wedding day (or any day!) I would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact me by emailing : hadassahbphotography@gmail.com.