Wedding Investment

Wedding Investment

You're investing in your history...

I've talked to so many brides who have told me that their wedding day was a total whirlwind. Their first advice is to have a planner so you can leave everything up to them and you can be totally present in every moment. Their second advice is to tell your photographer the things that are most important to you so they can pay particular attention to those details and moments. With that, I'd say that I believe photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. It will play a very large role in how you remember the whirlwind of the day. By making an investment in photography, you are investing in a lifetime of carefully preserved memories. You're investing in your history.

By the same token, if someone's creative eye is going to be shaping your memories of the biggest day of your lives (thus far), I believe that you should choose that person with great care. While I'm sure you're doing some awesome research, I would love to meet with you to help you understand my process. We can chat, not only about those super unique details that will inevitably make your day so special, but also to get to know eachother a bit, after all, if you choose to work with me (and I hope you do!) we will be spending a lot of time together on your big day. You can ask me anything and everything you're curious about, but I want to know you and your lovestory. What makes your love so special to you? Because in the end, this is the story I'll be telling through the photos I took. 

If you think we could make beautiful [pictures] together, please get in touch with me : 
I would love to give you more information to help you choose a package perfect for your day. Please check out my wedding magazine to find tips, FAQs, etc. to help you on your way to having AWESOME wedding photography to perfectly fit your day! 

Clients on average spend around $3250