Meet Hadassah B.

Meet Hadassah B.

Photography has always been so much more than just a job to me, it is a lifestyle. I laugh at myself because I take breaks from editing weddings on my iMac by editing photos on my iPhone of my daily adventures. I don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time, it's ridiculous. But, photography is second nature now, it is part of who I am.

When I'm not taking or editing photos, I'm likely spending time with my fiancé and puppy while watching Fixer Upper or period pieces... Even during my down time, I notice the visual elements of the simplest things: light and shadow dancing on my wall, framing and composition spelling out scenes on tv, color balance of photos in food menus, scenes flowing together in movies... #nerdstatus

But, I'm learning that there are times to have a camera in hand and times to see things with my own two eyes (shout out to the song 3x5 by John Mayer). It is really difficult sometimes, but I've realized how much more fun and adventurous I'm able to be without it. See, when I have a camera in hand, I explore every angle of a subject. I get in deep and lose track of time. Thank God for timelines on wedding days and a fiancé who understands my artistic process! The photos that result? Well... Just take a look at my Adventures and Personal Work pages: here & here

Now that you know a little bit about my feelings on photography, here is a little about me:  

 - I was always a crafty kid who painted bird houses and took a class on jewelry making.

 - I had tons of barbies and often had them acting out wedding scenes.

 - I started documenting life through photos at the age of 11.

 - I was the baby of 6 siblings until my parents adopted my younger twin sisters from China and a third younger sister 2 years later. I've been so involved in their lives that they're kinda like my daughters. They're 17 and 16 now, man, does time fly!

 - I had been to China 18 times before I was 18yrs old, which sparked my wanderlust. I've been to Thailand, Morocco, London, Germany and Austria for pleasure, as well as France, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai for productions with VIP clients. 

- I began photographing weddings in 2009, when I shot a family member's wedding all on my own.

- I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography.

- I've worked as an assistant, 2nd photographer and lead photographer for multiple studios in addition to my own since 2011.

- I have shot 80 weddings and counting since I started shooting professionally in 2011.

All of this experience, from the crafty kid, to helping raise my little sisters while documenting their childhood, to photographing weddings every weekend in the busy season, has made me an observer of the beauty of humanity and a lover of the quiet moments in life. My clients' special moments are no exception and I strive to capture these just as carefully as I would my own.

photo credit: Meghan Heimlich